How does the program work?

  • Initial Evaluation – your personal goals, schedule, lifestyle, health history, physical condition, fitness level and eating habits will be considered in this scientific evaluation.
  • Program Design – a customize program will be designed for you based upon your needs.
  • Nutritional Instruction – a tailor-made eating plan (including what to eat at home and at work) will be given and explained (Based on Dr. Fuhrman’s guideline ¬†from Nutritional Education Institute).
  • Fitness Instruction – safe, appropriate customized exercise plan and correct form will taught according to personal fitness goals.
  • Monitoring of Progress – includes personal consultation, body composition testing, heart rate monitoring, and nutritional progress tracking. If you have a diagnosed illness such a diabetes or hypertension, a regular follow up with your physician is highly recommended.
  • Program Update – feedback and evaluation of personal progress including further program fine-tuning to ensure continued success.