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Why our program is better than others?

Our program Other program
Customized to your lifestyle and goals Generic
Backed by science Unscientific
Find your ideal, healthy weight Thin is good and fat is bad
Body composition test measures fat loss Bathroom scale measures weight loss
Focus on long-lasting internal/external results Focus on quick, superficial results
Time saving: 5-30 minutes per session Time consuming: 30-90 minutes per session
Less frequent training required Frequent training required
Integrate fitness into professional life Isolate fitness from professional life
Personalized for your goal High repetition and sets for strength training
Safe, effective and easier on the body Prone to join and muscle soreness and injury
High nutrient diet, satisfying high fiber Deprivation ‘diet’ and low fiber
Works for anyone Works only for people with discipline
No calorie counting and not hungry Calorie counting and always hungry
Affordable grocery bill Can be expensive