I feel fit and better than ever

Personal fitness turned out to be a fun and rewarding experience. I never went into it thinking that some change and effort were not necessities. But, from all the fitness information I read and collected over the years, I could never get off the 15 lbs. up and down roller-coaster with my efforts—which resulted in more ups than downs, I might add. In college, I got into pretty okay shape. But, one thing we know is that the working life brings on a lot of changes—a couple of definite ones for me were an increase in weight and a loss of energy. I still got into the gym some, thought about my diet occasionally, and infrequently picked up a fitness magazine. But, I was really looking and feeling pretty bad. At one point I was up to over 200 lbs. Of course, I fought back, but never could quite get back to that college weight. This I thought would be good to do again.

Finally this year, in my plight to find something that would get me more informed and involved, I linked up with San Francisco Fit—a group for the novice with interest in fitness and running a marathon. Okay, I thought. If I was going to reach, why not reach far. Besides, my college buddy did a sister program in Houston and thought it was one of the best experiences of his life. When I showed up, Kaz was speaking to the group on fitness and diet and offering her personal assistance. After listening, I knew I was in need of some of her expertise if I was going to make better ground than I had in the past. So this is where it started.

When I first met with Kaz, I learned about my body composition and a foundation on nutrition. I took all of her instructions on target body composition, calorie intake, and attention to carbohydrates, protein, and fats. I did a lot of experimenting to change my eating habits but to still keep them conductive to my established tastes. Soon after, I was eating so much more than I ever had and several times a day as well. I was having a lot of fun and began to feel great. With this new support, I dove into achieving my goals. When I started in February I weighed 180 lbs. with 20% body fat. For my cardiovascular training, I began with 20 to 30 minute runs, 3 times during the week with longer runs taken on every Saturday morning. I also fit in a day or 2 for weight training each week. By the end of the month, I had dropped 17 lbs. of fat and gained 13 lbs. of muscle—netting in 4 lbs. lost overall—but 17 lbs. of fat! Since, I’ve blown past all my goals that Kaz and I have set. By mid-April, roughly ten weeks, I weighed 168 lbs. with 8.1% body fat! I lost 23 lbs. of fat and gained 11 lbs. of lean body weight in 10 weeks! 

I’ve continued in my exercise at least 3 times a week (approximately 1 hr. each) by running mostly with some weight training. My girlfriend started with her fitness program about the same time as me. She also changed her eating habits and started on the treadmill – walking 20 minutes each time. After 4 months, she is now doing 4 miles running/walking in 45 minutes! It isn’t my privilege to know the specifics. But, she hints that she is down at least 13% in body fat and 18 lbs. in overall weight! The balance of consistent exercise with a real commitment to responsible eating habits is the trick. But, no worries, since getting ahead of the game, we’ve enjoyed our share of margaritas in Mexico and some very nice visits with Ben & Jerry (low fat, of course)! You wouldn’t believe how much better these things taste when you are fit and can… really… enjoy! 

As I just passed my 35th birthday here in June, I’m still enjoying the same weight and body fat that I achieved in April. But, I’ve just surpassed the 20-mile mark in training with my running group. I’ll be running my first marathon, here in San Francisco, in July and I think I’m as ready as I can be. But you want to know one of the best parts—I have retrieved my old college jeans from the back of my closet and am back kicking around in them when I feel like it! 

I’ve learned so much about my body and what it takes to be healthy. My new lifestyle is not only refreshing and rewarding, but for me, it feels natural now to continue to live this way.

You’ll find Kaz very knowledgeable, straightforward and factual about her passion. She is very smart and has taken the time and energy to network with very prominent athletes (Olympic types and such) and to continue her graduate education on the body and nutrition. I believe that it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at now because you will be amazed at what you will soon be able to do. Kaz gets that you need to be successful with your efforts by seeing results and, most importantly, that you have to have fun!

Take advantage and enjoy.