Seven years ago, it was easy to assign low priority to structured exercise. Working full time, volunteering and caregiving seemed to be of greater importance. Very gradual lessening of flexibility, strength and balance were ignored as I moved in to my late sixties.

A favorite niece who was a client of Kaz’s disagreed. She knew what I needed and would enjoy better than I did. She circumvented my long-standing opposition with a birthday gift of a meeting with Kaz, discussion included, exercise absolutely not included. She had detailed Kaz’s top-rate background and experience, undeniably impressive. However, my trust in my niece’s judgment was the most compelling factor in the decision that would change much more than my point of view.

So here I am, beneficiary of greater flexibility, strength and balance. I’ve lost significant weight along the way, pleasing myself as well as my family, friends and tailor. My core strength, overall muscle tone and posture are noticeably improved. Lower back problems are now rare occurrences. My understanding of both physiology and nutrition have more than doubled. I’m actually in better shape than I was seven years ago. I know how to exercise safely, and do so with increased frequency and pleasure.

Being taught well is essential, especially for seniors who sometimes need to work harder just to maintain physical skills. For me, being led requires great confidence in my leader. Working one-to-one with Kaz during these several years has been tremendously valuable at both the professional and personal levels, and I enthusiastically look forward to its continuation.