Kaz knows her stuff

Kaz has an intensive background education in exercise physiology, nutrition, human anatomy, psychology, worksite wellness and strength training design. Furthermore, she takes workshops in various areas each year to stay current and to provide the best service possible to each person she works with. She even hires other trainers to learn from to better serve her clients.

Do you have any idea how many trainers do a few classes and think they are qualified to teach others how to be fit? I have belonged to two gyms and at both I hired trainers. The first two trainers I worked with went “through the motions” but lacked expertise. One trainer was a woman, the other a man. Both of these people stood by and watched as I used gym equipment improperly…and I was doing what they told me to do. Since I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong and since I trusted the people training me to have a clue about what they were charging me the big bucks for, I continued working out until I injured myself under the tutelage of both trainers. One injury cost me a year “out” of the gym.

The first morning we worked out together I was jumping out of my skin with excitement that I had found a person that knew “no pain, no gain” was nonsense. Kaz had me work through a series of “tests” to see what I was capable of. Kaz was so focused on my every move I felt safe in her hands. Especially with her encouraging me with love and kindness the whole way. For the first time in my life…really…I knew I was going to become physically fit in the way I had envisioned and dreamed about for years, but had been too busy to accomplish.

One of the neatest aspects of working with Kaz was she knew how to talk to me about connecting my feelings and body to the weight I was working with. No other trainer had ever even had a conversation with me that was as in-depth. I connected to my body in a way I had experienced in other aspects of my life, but not in the gym. Kaz’s knowledge has been invaluable to me, because she validated a way of being that I already mastered in other areas of my life. She is extraordinary in the arena of coaching, with heart. Her knowledge and way of being are unprecedented.