05-01Glenn(96)I have struggled with my weight since graduating from college. I went to college on a football scholarship and I played junior league football as early as 12 years of age. Playing organized sports provides the accountability that athletes need in order to be in the best possible shape. Once the organized sport ends, so does the accountability. It is not uncommon to see ex-athletes overweight and out of shape. That was my story!

In a fight to win the battle of the bulge, I would lose weight and gain weight throughout the years. I would try the latest diet and lose weight, but hated the foods I was eating. Once I lost a number of pounds, I would return to eating the things that I liked. Before I realized it, I regained the pounds that I lost. I joined health clubs in hopes of getting back in shape and losing the weight. I would go to the gym for a number of weeks after paying my membership fee, but then I would lose the motivation to continue going after only a handful of workouts. A co-worker recommended that I work out with her husband who was a body-builder and a personal trainer. I don’t believe he was certified by any recognized organization, he was just a very good body builder. My sessions with him were so demanding and difficult that I did not enjoy it and my body would hurt for days. I did not continue working out with him. I later rejoined a gym and paid for personal training in addition to my monthly gym membership. I worked out with a trainer who happened to be very good. He was certified and he was very sensitive to getting me back in shape gradually. I was able to see some results and saw the benefits of working with a good trainer. Just when I thought I had found a good trainer, I was told by the manager of the gym that I would have to work with another trainer because my trainer left the gym to go work for another gym who happened to be a competitor. I was very disappointed and asked if I could get refunded for my remaining sessions and they said I could not. I did not continue with my remaining sessions.
I was able to locate the trainer at his new gym. Unfortunately, in order to workout with him, I would have to join the new gym and pay for his services all at a much higher price than the gym where I was already a member. Oh by the way, I was locked into a one-year contract at my gym. This losing weight thing was not working for me!

Dr. Kaz was able to provide me with all that I was missing:

Accountability – Dr. Kaz took the time to understand my goals and designed a program in order for me to achieve them. The program included the things I needed to do between workout sessions with her. I had to keep a journal of my workouts that she reviewed and initialed on a weekly basis.

Nutrition – Dr. Kaz is a nutritionist and certified weight management and lifestyle specialist. She reviewed my meal plan and made recommendations that would help me achieve my weight-loss goals and still enjoy what I was eating.

Recognized Certification – Dr. Kaz is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. ACSM is one of the most respected personal training certifying organizations in the country. Dr. Kaz is up-to-date on the latest research due to her own desire to provide the best advice to her clients and the ACSM continuing education requirements. As a client I was assured that I was being trained with proper technique and with safety in mind.

No Gym Membership Required – Dr. Kaz provided a workout program that could be done at her personal gym or at my home. Her workout included the use of my body weight, elastic bands, and a limited amount of dumb bells. I never had to worry about Dr. Kaz leaving to go to work for another gym.

I successfully lost over 20 pounds and more importantly 9 percent of body fat. I never had the feeling that I was on a diet that had a beginning date and end date. The new way of eating continues with the same satisfaction I received when I began my program with Dr. Kaz.

The motivation I received from Dr. Kaz allowed me to reach my goals and has encouraged me to become a certified personal trainer.