Reached new level of health and fitness

The experience of working out in the gym has turned into such a positive experience, one with some benefits I wasn’t even looking for. I went because I have been reading about the importance of weight training. I had been told I needed to do weights for bone density, and to build upper body strength. Since I participate in triathlon, it is especially important for me to have upper body strength to keep my posture correct when I get fatigued during the race. I finally went, but not happily. Because I did not want to be inside a gym with weights & machines I didn’t know anything about! That is why I called Kaz to set up an appointment to get started.

In July 1997, I started a program of exercise & nutrition with Kaz. After initial consulting and evaluation of my dietary habits and strength, she made a program for me to follow to optimize my health and fitness. She noticed that even though my diet was relatively healthy, it was not optimum for my needs. She recommended balancing each meal with carbohydrates, protein and fat for more energy and building muscle in order to get stronger. Kaz also suggested that I increase my exercise intensity by lifting heavier weights and training at higher heart rate range. With this program in my gym bag, I went to the gym, not religiously but regularly. After some months, I noticed looseness in my clothing (I don’t usually weigh myself just judge by my clothes if I have gained or lost weight) and was concerned. I weighed myself and I weighed the same. During the last 8 months, I kept dropping dress sizes from an 11-12 down to a 5-6. I have never worn a 5-6 in my life and I feel great. I also have lots of energy. I now go to work out on a regular basis and feel strong and healthy. My eating, although it was good, is now more balanced. I don’t have the cravings that sent me into the cookie jar. This month Kaz monitored my body composition and what a nice surprise to find out that I gained 4 pounds of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat! No wonder I am leaner in spite of my weighing the same as I did 8 months ago. Kaz also told me that the extra muscle I gained actually sped up my metabolism. I am heading in the right direction now unlike many other women over 50 getting fatter.

I am an older woman who has had cancer and can’t take hormones. I desire every day to be full, full of health and joy. This is another way to treat others and myself in my life with a healthier me.