I met Kaz in July of 2010 at 212 pounds and at 13% body fat. I thought I had a good diet and healthy lifestyle for my elite athleticism. My diet was filled with your typical American notion of tons of protein and low carbs. My energy was low and my weight and body fat was high. My weight cuts were awful and depressing considering I would have to be 185 at fight time in an 8 weeks or so, that is 25 plus pounds! In my consultations, I was informed and learned the role of carbs, protein, fat, vitamin and minerals to improve my vigorous training needs.

MMA (mixed martial arts) is very physically demanding and mentally I knew I had come to the right person for help. I thought that Kaz herself understands these feelings. She pushed me mentally through tough times when I needed it most to continue. I was skeptical at first being that I am a young 26 year professional fighter. What more was there to know?

Now September at 6% body fat and walking around at about 190, I have NEVER felt more energetic or stronger in my life. My training has reached a whole new level physically and mentally. Kaz has trained my Mind and Body to perform at an elite level.