Personalized phone/online consultations

If you are not able to schedule an in-person consultation with Kaz, you may wish to consider phone or online consultation or coaching.
This approach is perfect for people who:

  • Currently have a fitness program that isn’t giving good results
  • Can’t meet with Kaz personally
  • Need periodic coaching and/or evaluation
  • Need motivation
  • Corporate wellness programs

Kaz will place the consultation call.


To set up a phone or online consultation or coaching appointment:

  • Fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire. Include the best time to reach you. Specify online or phone consultation or coaching. Email to Kaz.
  • Payment is made through PayPal®
  • You will receive a confirmation from Kaz via e-mail.
  • Your personal information will be analyzed by Kaz.
  • A consultation time will be arranged.
  • You place your call to Kaz at the appointment time.
    • Please note: Pre-payment is required.